Shuswap Band Administration Office

Shuswap Band Administration Office

Shuswap Band Administration Office


  • Chief Barbara Cote
  • Councillor Tim Eugene
  • Councillor Mark Thomas


  • Lee Peet, Director of Operations
  • Glady Sam, Executive Assistant to Chief & Council
  • Clarine Capilo, Front Desk Reception
  • Dolores Nicholas, Social Development and Housing Manager
  • Suzie Thomas, Family Support Worker / Events Coordinator
  • Clarissa Stevens, Cultural Liaison / IRA Administrator
  • Mike Stevens, Maintenance
  • Tyler MacKay, Maintenance
  • Chenoa Paccagnan, Education Coordinator
  • Sierra Stump, Lands Manager
  • Tess MacDougall, Communications Officer

Health Department:

  • Danielle Armstrong, Health Director
  • Melissa Addis, Health Nurse
  • Kelsey Moir, Community Liaison (on leave)

Finance Department:

  • Katherine Stevens, Director of Finance
  • Sue Ellis, Financial Controller
  • Candice Sam, Accounting Clerk

Territorial Stewardship

  • Tess MacDougall, Interim Manager of Territorial Stewardship
  • Lisa Kraig, Territorial Stewardship EA
  • Dwayne Spence, Referrals & Technician Supervisor
  • Josh Martin, Technician Coordinator
  • Olivia De Brabandere, Culture & Heritage Coordinator
  • Enola Eugene, Culture & Heritage Assistant
  • Braydi Rice, Biologist
  • Rhiannon Kirton, Biologist