Community Economic Development Initiative – Shuswap Indian Band & District of Invermere

Shuswap Band and District of Invermere working group.

Together, elected officials and senior staff from Shuswap Indian Band and District of Invermere, and the Columbia Valley Community Economic Development Officer create a small, yet dedicated Working Group. For decades, a community to community relationship was not existent and now, these communities have created an enthusiastic partnership committed to the social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits of working together. In collaboration, Shuswap Indian Band and District of Invermere are planning to symbolically and physically connect their communities by way of a Joint Active Transportation Network Plan. Shuswap Indian Band and District of Invermere will participate in CEDI between 2018 – 2021.

Areas of Collaboration – Joint CED Themes

  • Joint Active Transportation Network Plan
  • Joint engagement with Provincial Ministries on potential co-management of park and related tourism initiatives
  • Joint environmental stewardship and wildlife rehabilitation efforts
  • Shared cultural and historical learning

For more information, visit the Cando Partnership Profile here.

Shuswap Indian Band & District of Invermere graduate from CEDI

On April 22nd, the District of Invermere and the Shuswap Indian Band participated in the last of five Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) workshops and successfully graduated from the program. CEDI is a program created by the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and funded by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). It works to support First Nations and neighbouring municipalities to create a shared vision for joint economic development in the spirit of reconciliation.

The partnership between the SIB and DOI has been one of shared respect, growth, and enthusiasm, and has allowed the two communities to make strides towards a bright future together. Since 2019, the SIB and DOI have created a Joint Strategic Plan for a Joint Active Transportation Network Plan, created a Joint Friendship Accord, put out joint press releases, and begun the process of building a strong and respectful long-term relationship, among other accomplishments. While official participation in the CEDI program is now over, we know this is just the beginning of the important work that the SIB and DOI will do together. Kukwstsétsemc to all who made participation in this program so successful.