Territorial Stewardship Office

Shuswap Band’s Territorial Stewardship department is responsible for ensuring the natural resources of the Shuswap Band’s Caretaker Area are cared for and protected. We engage in initiatives related to Rights & Title, cultural heritage, archaeology, mining, conservation, fisheries, water protection, forestry, and so much more. We seek to help manage natural resources in a way that maximizes the land’s health and our members’ self-sufficiency. Our lands are directly tied to our people and our culture, and their protection and respectful management are of the utmost importance to the Territorial Stewardship department.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Prepare and lead negotiations towards appropriate accommodations stemming from impacts on Shuswap Band Title and Rights
  • Protect the cultural and ecological values of traditional lands
  • Implement agreements with Federal and Provincial governments, local municipalities, stakeholders in the Shuswap Band’s traditional territory to support the management of lands and resources
  • Improve stewardship of our forests with ecosystem-based and land use planning
  • Ensure sustainable use of lands and resources
  • Foster a strong and prosperous and sustainable economy
  • Provide education supporting the Shuswap Band’s history, traditional use, knowledge and culture
  • Secure economic development opportunities for SB and its economic entities through consultation, engagement and negotiations process with external organizations by securing opportunities for SB Membership

Territorial Stewardship Department Contacts

Lisa Kraig
TS Department Admin

Tess Ainsworth
TS Project Coordinator

Dwayne Spence
Referrals Coordinator & Technician Manager

Enola Eugene
Culture & Heritage Assistant

Braydi Rice
Biologist (Currently on leave)

Rhiannon Kirton
Biologist & Research Scientist

Mailing Address:
3A 492 Arrow Rd
Invermere, BC
V0A 1K2