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The Certificate of Indian Status (CIS), more commonly referred to as the Status card, is an identity document issued by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to confirm that the cardholder is registered as a Status Indian under the Indian Act. The Status card is provided to assist registered Indians in accessing a wide range of entitlements, programs and services administered by federal agencies, provincial governments and other private sector program and service providers.

The role of the Shuswap Membership Clerk is to keep the member database current and to manage all aspects of the membership registry.

NOTE TO MEMBERS: There are some recent changes.

New Card Design

The following is a prototype of the Secure Certificate of Indian Status released in 2009.
Prototype of upcoming Secure Certificate of Indian Status  - front and rear view



Certificate of Indian Status – CIS


Clients must provide two (2) pieces of ID when applying for a Status Card.

One piece of primary ID OR two pieces of secondary ID – (one of which must have a digitized photo)

OR one piece of secondary ID with a Guarantors form

Primary ID

Secondary ID

Other ID

Valid Canadian Passport

New Plastic CIS – issued after April 2002

Birth Certificate

Marriage or Divorce Certificate

Provincial Health Card

Provincial ID Card

Driver's License

Employee ID with digitized photo

Student ID with digitized photo

Firearms License

Old CIS Card

Guarantor's Form

NO photocopied ID or SIN ( Social Insurance Cards) Accepted

NO certified photocopies accepted

ID must be intact and not expired

GUARANTOR's FORM must be the ORIGINAL with signature (no faxes); picture must be signed by the guarantor

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