Announcing the Kenpesq’t Board of Directors

SIB is pleased to introduce the Kenpesq’t Board of Directors. The Board of Directors’ primary role is to guide the high-level strategic direction and oversight of Shuswap Indian Band businesses. The Board must make decisions as a whole, with quorum.

Responsibilities include:

– Maintaining the highest standards of integrity, efficiency, and culturally appropriate manner, making transactions in the best interests of Kenpesq’t, and upholding standards for confidentiality
– Developing corporate and operating policies that reflect the corporate values of Kenpesq’t and that are in accordance with all applicable laws (Shuswap Indian Band and other levels of government)
– Hiring a CEO with appropriate skills and experience, evaluating the performance of the CEO in fulfilling their duties and expectations on an ongoing basis, and dismissing the CEO if they are unable to fulfill the requirements of their position
– Providing business expertise in external negotiations related to economic development opportunities
– Overseeing and evaluating operations of Kenpesq’t and its applicable operating Limited Partnerships
– Reporting financial and operational performance to Council and membership

To see the profiles of the individual members of the Board of Directors, please click here.