A Day of Indigenous Wellness – Free Virtual Event

When: June 18th, 2021

First Nations people across Canada have long been disproportionately and deeply impacted by grief and loss in their communities. The global pandemic has further compounded this situation: creating deep wells of social isolation, heightened anxiety, stress and painful separation from cultural traditions, family gatherings and rituals that are an integral part of First Nations healing and wellness practices.

At the Camp Kerry Society, we have long- believed that there is a direct correlation between our ability to respond to traumatic events with courage and resilience, and our experience of being embedded in a nurturing community.

We invite you to join members of our team alongside our panel of incredible Indigenous Elders/Leaders/Healers/Artists as we gather in community for a day of wellness that will provide insight, knowledge and inspiration for all those seeking light in the darkness of grief and hope for the future.