Welcome to the Shuswap Band


Keepers of the Land

We are located in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia.

The First Nations people have always been keepers of the land, using its bounty to sustain their way of life.

Native culture hinges on the belief that the land responds positively to care and respect.

Those who nurture the land will receive back from it ten-fold. The vision of Eagle Ranch was born out of this intrinsic cultural belief.

VISION: Our people are our strength; our children are the future.

Shuswap Band members are proud, healthy and striving to create is a respectful, prosperous and self-sufficient community.

Shuswap Band members honour our culture, language and traditions in ways that promote economic prosperity, as well as opportunities for education and employment.

Shuswap Band members value our lands and work in ways that enhance our connections to the land.


The Shuswap Band's cheque process is as follows: Cheque requests need to be in by Tuesday by 3:00pm. Cheques will ONLY be written once weekly for pickup on Friday's at 10am. If you do not get your request in by Tuesday mornings you will have to wait until the following week.
In regards to medical transportation funding, the above process will be followed. Medical transportation requests must be in at least 7 days prior to the appointment. If you do not get your requests in on time, this could result in you being issued a cheque after the appointment has occurred as a reimbursement. 
If you have any questions or concerns about your cheque(s) please contact the staff member who is issuing the cheque(s).