Education & Training

Education & Training

Enhancement Agreement
K-12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) Services

As the Shuswap Reserve borders the town of Invermere, the children and youth of Shuswap Band members attend schools in Invermere.
K- Grade 3          Eileen Madson School
Grades 4-7          JA Laird School
Grades 8-12        David Thompson Secondary School
Grades 10-12      Open Doors – Senior Alternate School

Rocky Mountain School District #6

If you are interested, please come see Education Coordinator for:
– Parent/Guardians of Pre-School/Kindergarten/Elementary/Highschool/local school district updates
– Secondary & Post-Secondary School Bursaries, Shcolarships & Opportunities
– Adult Upgrading/Trades/Employment & Opportunities

Education & Training Opportunities:
– BC First Nations Forest Council/Forestry Workforce Initiative
– Bladerunners Passport to Employment
– COTR – Adult Basic Education (Old GED Program)
– Shuswap Band First Aid Course

The Band receives funds from INAC towards their schooling based on the nominal role (number of full-time students).

We can support some additional activities for students, but please be aware that funds are limited.

Post-Secondary Assistance

Shuswap Band has funds (limited) available to members who attend training schools and post secondary educational institutions.

Post Secondary Forms:

NOTE TO NEW STUDENTS: Please submit a written application for funding, as soon as possible after graduation to increase your chances of receiving funding and so that we may determine the demand for funding.

NOTE TO RETURNING STUDENTS: Please contact the Education Coordinator as soon as possible after receiving confirmation of your acceptance for the coming year, and bring your transcripts to the meeting.

ALSO –please keep your address updated at all times.

Shuswap Indian Band Contact:  

Kalyn Adams
Education and Employment Coordinator
RR #2-3A-492 Arrow Rd.
Invermere B.C.      V0A 1K2
Tel: (250) 341-3678 Ext 203
Fax: (250) 341-3683